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Sunflower Microgreens

Sunflower Microgreens

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Recently my main supplier ran out of organic sunflower seeds, forcing me to source seeds from a different grower. It turned out to be a blessing because I have named this stock as my current sunflower favorite. Sunflower microgreens carry a bit of the healthy fat and protein from the seed as the kernel transforms itself into its own first leaves, hence the nutty flavor. But I also detect the influence of earth and sun in just a hint of butteriness that make these my favorite. 

Because of this I refuse to compromise by growing them hydroponically. I use sustainably-produced organic soil (means they use coconut coir as a base rather than peat moss which has a bad reputation for adverse environmental impacts). 

 TIP: The sunflower microgreens are also fantastic for body builders and power lifters during their bulking period. These little plants add extra grams of protein to your meals. 

Helianthus annuus = Black Oil Sunflower 
(24 oz. Container)

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Microgreens will last about one week in the average refrigerator kept at 44 degrees Fahrenheit. Reducing the temperature to 35 degrees can extend the shelf life to up to a month in some case. Of course, this would increase your power bill. In the long run it's probably better to simply store them in your crisper and enjoy them as soon as you can.

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