About Us

About Our Microgreens

Our microgreens are grown inside so they are 100% pesticide free due to the fact that growing them outside isn't ideal. Georgia temperatures and humidity changes constantly, which would make them more susceptible to disease and pests. Our greens are checked on regularly and given a good diet to ensure they are packed with nutrients. 

About The People Behind The Business

The person who started it all was Seth Young, a Marine Veteran who was in Operation DESERT STORM. He has always had an interest in nature and loves being out in it. He wanted to give people a new variety of greens that you can add to virtually any food or create a salad of it. 

The social media and marketing manager is his 15 year old daughter,  she also helps out with the microgreens from time to time. She enjoys nature and participating in creative activities. She is an avid animal and nature lover which is why she is so inclined to work with her dad to create a better and more efficient food source.

Why 'River & Rose'?

The business is named after Seth's two kids, River and Rose. River is a 24 year old photographer and artist whom graduated from an art program in Prague, Czech Republic. That opportunity enhanced and expanded his artistic abilities. Rose is a 15 year old multi sport student athlete who weightlifts, wrestles, and will be playing tackle football in the 2023 season for her school. She holds lots of love for animals and nature, pushing her to do more for the earth to help it.