Wholesale Microgreens

River & Rose offers microgreen products and services at wholesale rates for markets, restaurants, businesses, and other distributors. 

Markets and Grocery Vendors

Our microgreens come prepackaged and labeled with UPC codes so all you have to do is enter them in your system and stock them for your customers. We have found that certain products are more popular in some markets than others and we regularly communicate with our wholesale customers to make sure product selection appeals to their market.

Container sizes

We have several options to choose from, but generally sell our microgreens in one of two container sizes:

12 oz. Clear RPET Deli Containers

24 oz. Clear RPET Deli Containers

All of our packaging is BPA-free. Compostable containers are available upon request. 

Shelf Life

We recommend a shelf life of 1-2 weeks for most of our products depending on storage temperature. For first-time customers we will monitor your sales and rotate products out as needed until you determine what varieties and volume work for you. If a product goes out of date before it sells, simply save the container and we will replace or substitute another one at no cost to you. This dramatically reduces your risk in bringing our products to market. 

Free Samples

We realize that microgreens may be new to some markets, so we are happy to come to your location and offer free samples at no additional cost to you. We have found that this is an easy way to drive sales and create return customers. Our goal is to help you sell our product in any way we can.