Our Microgreens

Our Current Products 

The greens that we are currents growing are:

  • A mix of greens ( advertised as Super Spicy Microgreens) containing arugula, cress, radish, turnip, and mustard greens.

  • Radish Microgreens

  • Sunflower Microgreens

  • Speckled Pea Microgreens

  • Rocket Microgreens (arugula)

  • Cantaloupe Microgreens

  • Broccoli Microgreens

  • Parsley Microgreens 

  • Dill Microgreens

  • Basil Microgreens

What Can You Do With Microgreens?

Microgreens are great toppings and additions to your meals. 

You can put them in salads, sandwiches, omelets, and much more! (Linked below) They add more flavor and zest to your meals and are a great healthy option.

Another amazing thing about microgreens is that you can include SOME of them into your pet's meals. Please note to avoid giving your pets any microgreens that are listed or described as 'spicy'. Avoid giving them too much as it can cause digestive issues. But small animals such as guinea pigs love microgreens and are guinea pig tested and approved by our very own Luna and Pepper.  ( Please make sure to google which microgreens are okay for your pet to have since every pet is different and has different needs)


- Mushroom Omelet

- Microgreen Omelet

- Beef Tacos

- Speckled Pea Pesto

- Gazpacho

- Beef Burger With Microgreens

- Sunflower Guacamole

- Spring Mix

- Pho

- Butter Chicken

- Mushroom Veggie Burger

- Wild Rice Salad 

- Smokey Cauliflower Steak ( vegetarian )